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Welcome to A list of the most recent changes is available here.


Open Source Software

  1. BibTexSuite - Tools for handling BibTeX files.
  2. eWRT - easy Web Retrieval Toolkit
  3. pgperformer - a postgreSQL Performance Measurement Tool
  4. Webprivacy - a P3P plugin for Mozilla Firefox
  5. FWBPlus - an experimental extention to the Firewall Builder Tool
  6. pgEasyPart - a PostgreSQL partitioning tool
  7. BibSQL - New implementation of BibTeX in SQL
  8. dbMigration - Database Live Migration tool
  9. iListItSuite - widgets for the iListIt platform
  10. pgIncBackup - an incremental backup tool for PostgreSQL
  11. mySqlParallelizer - tool to analyze documents parallel in a cluster

Research Projects


Projects and thesis related to my teaching at the Vienna University of Business.


  1. Mölltal - a game programmed by students as part of their Java lectures.

Master and Bachelor Thesis

  1. Topics for bachelor and master thesis
  2. Templates and Guidelines




Natural Language Processing

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