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2 minute read

Vim tips you might find useful. Some of these hints are taken from the 7 Habits for Effective Text Editing 2.0 video and the references listed below.

REST/JSON Web Services

less than 1 minute read

This page provides information on how to implement JSON/REST based Web Services with Java.

Geo Tagger Evaluation Framework

1 minute read

The Geo Tagger Evaluation Framework (geoTEF) provides an open framework for evaluating Geo-Taggers. The following graph shows the conceptual evaluation frame...


1 minute read

This page publishes GnuPlot tips (as they arise ;)


less than 1 minute read

Reading CSV Files

UMTS with OpenWRT

1 minute read

These are some random notes on how to use a ZTE MF180 with OpenWRT and Linux

SSH Hacks

1 minute read

This article provides information on issues related to the secure shell (ssh) including:

Handling Disk Errors

less than 1 minute read

You can verify that your hard disk does not contain any defect sectors by performing a disk selftest using SMART (replace /dev/sda in the examples with your ...